Proposed Amendments to Chapter Bylaws

Posted: Jan 12, 2018

This past August, ASSE members made the historic decision to change the organization’s name to the American Society of Safety Professionals.

ASSE members voted to amend Society bylaws to reflect the new name. As a separately incorporated entity, our chapter needs to hold a separate chapter member vote to change the name in our bylaws, as well.

To learn more about these proposed changes:

We will hold a member vote on these proposed changes at an upcoming meeting of the chapter.

October 2017 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Nov 16, 2017

October General and Business Meeting

October 16, 2017 – DPR Construction

David Bollinger, President, opened the meeting discussing recognition opportunities.

The meeting started with general rounds where people introduced themselves. Sara Martin introduced her new EHS technician. Justin Bielss was introduces as the new Student Liaison.

David also mentioned that at future meetings, business review who be placed on screen at beginning of meeting and only 2 to 3 key items discussed. The boarding meeting notes can also be found on the web page under files.

The first of two award ceremonies then occurred. First Eddie Greer received his ASSE Hall of Fame award from David Bollinger.


1) Eddie” Greer, CSP, OHST HOF

Recognizing his outstanding service to the safety profession and workplace, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

  • PREVIOUSLY NAMED as Society Fellow IN 2007.
    • The Society Fellow is the highest honor granted by ASSE, recognizing Professional Members who have displayed life-long excellence in safety and service. Nominated by their peers, region or chapter, candidates for the Society Fellow honor are selected based upon their work, involvement in ASSE and long-term contributions in advancing the safety profession.
  • Speaker at numerous PDCs
  • Greer was president and owner of Eddie Greer & Associates, a safety and health consulting company specializing in safety and health process reviews, program development, cold-eyes project evaluations, culture surveys, training and education at all levels of organizations, as well as expert witness testimonies.
  • Previously, Greer retired from Kellogg Brown & Root/KBR after 31 years of service, where he held various SH&E leadership positions.
  • He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University and an Associate in Science Degree from Paris Junior College
  • Greer is past president of ASSE where he has been a professional member for 40+ years.
  • He has chaired the Society Professional Conduct Committee, is a trustee for the ASSE and Texas Safety Foundations and is a member of the Gulf Coast Chapter, where he was honored as the Gulf Coast Chapter Safety Professional of the Year in 1987.
  • Greer served on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and as President for the International Network of Safety & Health Practitioner Organizations (INSHPO)

Eddie then presented Del Tally with an TSA (Texas Safety Association) trainers award.






Here is a round down of items covered in business meeting.

2) Recognition

Justin Bielss has joined board as the Student Liaison

ASSE prepares long service certificates for members who have been with the Society for 25, 40 or 50 years.

This is an extremely important project as it demonstrates to our members that we appreciate their support of ASSE and the safety community, and it gives us an opportunity to thank them.

  • 25 Ruben Castillo, Pflugerville TX
  • 25 Peter Gilmore, Belton, TX
  • 25 Timothy Howard, Hewitt, TX
  • 25 David Johnson, Bryan, TX
  • 25 David Ritchie, Bastrop, TX



Applications for both scholarships and grants are accepted online from September 1 through December 1 each year. Only a single application must be filled out for either program to be eligible for all available awards. If selected for an award, you will be matched with one based on the criteria set forth by the fund’s donor. Scholarship and grant applicants will be notified in April as to the status of their application. Funds are disbursed shortly afterwards for scholarships, or upon receiving documentation of professional education for grants.

  • Texas Safety Foundation Del Tally HSE Scholarship
  • Texas Safety Foundation George Gustafson HSE Memorial Scholarship
  • Texas Safety Foundation HSE Scholarship
  • Thompson Scholarship for Women in Safety
  • Blacks in Safety Engineering Scholarship
  • Dr. Daniel Della-Giustina – Greater West Virginia Chapter Scholarship
  • Rixio Medina & Associates Hispanics in Safety Scholarship
  • Texas Safety Foundation Del Tally HSE Scholarshipo Eric WeissTexas A&M University – College StationEnvironmental & Occupational Health$2,000

For more information the foundation can be contacted at or you can call at 847-699-29294)

4) Financial Review and Budget

  • Board approved funding for student chapter $750 each
  • Board approved for 500 for Hurricane Relief
  • PDC Construction seminar profits will be assigned to construction sub-section as a budget item
  • September income/expenditures provided.

5) SPY Award

Submittals are due by Feb 1 for Chapter – 1 page application

We have a number of potential candidates. If interested in nominating someone or nominating self contact a board member. Board will help with submittal.

6) Survey

Thank you for the 12 members who completed a survey. The results will be reviewed in a future meeting.

7) Need a Chair Person Elect for PDC and a Social Chair

  • Will Assist on this year PDC for 2018
  • Run PDC effort for 2019
  • Work with contractor, Innovation Event Management on running next PDC in 2018
  • Identify Topics and speakers
  • Manage costs
  • Provide written updates to Board and final report
  • Next PDC will focus on Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • There were no takers at the meeting.

President then ask if there were any questions from present members. Mike Donahue introduced new Membership chair Richard Box and reminded everyone to sign sign-in sheet.

8) Presentation

Joann Natarajan, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist, provided a 40-minute update on OSHA current and future regulations. She started by reviewing the top 10 causes of death for general industry and for construction in Texas. She ended with a Q and A session with members present. Another great job by Joann. A copy of the slide show and covered topics can be found on the web page for the chapter.

The meeting then ended after her presentation. Lunch was provided by the chapter.

June 2017 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Jun 22, 2017

ASSE Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017

DPR Construction North Mopac

11:35 AM
Meeting Introduction: Steven Jablon

  • Chapter introductions and meeting outlined delivered by Steven Jablon
  • Member and guest introduction commenced after meeting synopsis was delivered.
  • Discussion of officer installation.


Meeting Introduction
11:50 PM – Steven Jablon

Initial Chapter Updates & Action Items:

  • SAFETY 2017 reminder was discussed
  • 9/11-13 – ASSE Region III PDC in Hurst, TX reminder
    • Sean Galloway as main speaker
    • – for more information
  • Region III has 15 chapters throughout the region
  • We would like a strong representation of the CTC at this PDC
  • Regional VP – Steven Gray was reelected.

Meeting Presentation – Region III PDC
11:45 PM – Dennis Downing & Steven Jablon

Dennis opened up the discussion with an overview of why PDCs are put on. He followed up with a web video marketing the networking purposes of the conference.

Preference is given to regional PDCs due to more relevant information to our area.

Steven gave an overview of the keynote speakers which will take place Monday and Tuesday of the conference. More speakers submitted drafts to become speakers than we had room for. Some of the speakers will be speaking at the national Safety 2017. Speakers for Wednesday can be found by following the link to register.

Steven demonstrated how to navigate the PDC website and how to register. Discussed the networking golf tournament and Monday dinner.

Pat Walsh gave a glowing endorsement of networking at PDCs and the importance of the knowledge shared during the conferences.

Scholarship Presentation:

        Ashley Shortz

Darryl gave a $1000.00 scholarship to Ashely Shortz.

Ashley is getting her PhD of Public Health, Epidemiology and Environmental Health at Texas A&M University. Masters of Science, Occupational Health. She has also devoted her time to:

  • Area of Study – Mechanisms of Fatigue
  • Founding Member of HFES at TAMU
  • ASSE Student Section Officer
  • NIOSH Trainee

Chapter Updates & Action Items:
12:15 PM

Society Proposals and Voting: David Tally
Voting announcement will be presented at the June Meeting

  • Dues increase: $10/year for next 3 years: $10 – year 1, $20 – year 2, $30 – year 3 and each year thereafter
  • Brand Change: ASSE to ASSP
    • Not everyone is an engineer and ‘Professionals’ is more encompassing

Chapter Meetings – Upcoming: Steven Jablon
We will take a break for the summer. Next meeting will be September 18th.

Financial Statement Update: Mike Bewley

Steve, Charlotte, David Bollinger, Mike, David Tally, Jacob

Installation of new officers.

  • President – David Bollinger
  • President Elect – Jacob Zollinger, CSP
  • Secretary – Charlotte Kener
  • Treasurer – Mike Bewley
  • Delegate – Del Tally
  • Delegate – Steve Jablon



Presentation of framed Chapter Charter by Pat Walsh.


Upcoming Dates:

  • June 18-23rd, 2017
    • Safety 2017
    • Denver, Co. – Registration is now open.
  • September 11-13, 2017
    • Region III PDC will be in Hurst, TX @ Hurst Conference Center – $499
  • Next Chapter Meeting: September 18th


Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm